My Favorite Images / Carnivorous Sundew Plant

The carnivorous sundew plant, botanical name Drosera, has about 130 species. All of the species of the sundew plant are beautiful and many look like fireworks, but they are deadly to the insects that fly near to them. You can see the beauty of these plants in the many sundew plant pictures around the internet or in books about carnivorous plants at the library.

One thing that all carnivorous sundew plants do have is the gel like substance at the tips of the tentacles that cover the leaves. This gel is a sticky substance that the insects that fly too near the plant get stuck on. The plant can then eat it.

The many species of the sundew plant can be found all around the world, on every single continent. This is unusual for a plant because most carnivorous plants are found only in one or two regions of the world because of the different climates that they must live in.

The plant is called sundew because of the gel like substance on the tentacles. The gel makes the plants look as if they have morning dew on them all day long, especially when it glistens in the sun. You can see this clearly when you look up the sundew plant pictures on the internet or at the library, but make sure that you have plenty of time because there are a lot of different sundew plants to be seen.

Canon EOS 1n, 100mm F4 MACRO Lens, Fuji Velvia film, Gitzo Tripod



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