My Favorite Images / Grand Teton Mountain


The peak of the Grand Teton mountain shrouded in clouds is part of the Rocky Mountains, the north-south-trending Teton Range rises from the floor of Jackson Hole without any foothills along a 40 miles long by 7 to 9 miles wide active fault-block mountain front system. Having climbed and reach the summit of this beautiful mountain many years ago still brings excitement to me when I see it. In addition to 13,770 ft (4,197 m) high Grand Teton, another eight peaks are over 12,000 ft (3,658 m) above sea level. Seven of these peaks between Avalanche and Cascade canyons make up the often-photographed Cathedral Group.


Canon EOS 1d MKIII, EF 300mm F2.8 IS L lens, Gitzo Tripod



One thought on “My Favorite Images / Grand Teton Mountain

  1. This is an absolutely amazing picture! I went on a 11 day, 5,500 mile “college road trip” with my roomies this summer, and the Tetons were one of our stops. This picture definitely makes me jealous because right as we were arriving after spending 2 nights in Yellowstone, a storm came through and ruined that perfect shot of the Tetons we were hoping to get.

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