Teaching an Old Dog New Tricks

Teaching an Old Dog New Tricks


I’m sure you have heard the saying “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks!” Well, I am proof that you CAN being that I’m an old dog! I have finally switched to the Apple computer world, the computer that most photographers, most of my friends, and lot of my competitors use. A very good friend of mine who shall remain nameless (Paul) has been trying to get me to change to MAC’s for many years and it took a very hard lesson for me to switch.

I’m writing this blog to be used as an example of WHAT might happen to you if you are out in the real world and to be used as an example of what NOT to do!

I recently returned from a 5+ weeks photographic expedition to Yellowstone National Park. In the first 24 hours of arrival in Wyoming I tried to log my PC computer on the hotel’s internet service to get some emails and some trip updates. A virus SLAMMED me in the first 30 seconds of connection; even with latest anti-virus software and updates malware software installed my PC computer it was dead in its tracks!

No image viewing, no image back-ups, no image transfers to external drives, no location information, and no internet service connection,


That was what it took me to CHANGE!

Take it from an ” Old Dog”…………. DO NOT WAIT!

I have had my Macbook Pro for several months now and I have just starting to scratch the surface of its capabilities and I’m wondering what the HELL took me so LONG! The readers of this blog that already work with Apple computers or have switched recently know exactly what I am talking about. The workflow of even the smallest tasks is just simply BETTER!

But it’s not only the virus related issues that make the Apple computers better than PC computers for photographers, they are built for what a photographer does and make those tasks easier to perform. I was told that for years & now I KNOW IT!

Go out and learn a new trick!

I’m a firm believer  “Once you’ve used a MAC, You’ll never go back”.






One thought on “Teaching an Old Dog New Tricks

  1. Hey Pat,

    The problem isn’t the PC it’s the OS. Anything Microsoft is the devil. I switched to Linux many years ago. Never had a virus or lost data. It’s good you switched away from the MS devil. I don’t like Mac because the company is so proprietary and expensive. I work for Lucasfilm / Industrial Light & Magic and we don’t use Mac for anything production related. It’s all PCs running Unix or Linux. We can’t afford any down time or lost images and we never have. Mac used to be the choice because of the monitors but that issue has long past. Now the only thing better about a Mac is that it’s not MS.



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