My Favorite Images / Mountain Bluebird


The Mountain Bluebird is a very common sight in ranchland and other open areas of the American West. The male is a breathtaking brilliant sky blue. It prefers more open habitats than the other blue birds and can be found in colder habitats in winter. The Mountain Bluebird hovers just above the ground looking for insects. When it spots one, it swoops down and snatches it up. It may also swoop down on its prey from a perch in a tree. In the winter mountain bluebirds travel in small flocks, sometimes with sparrows and western bluebirds, and forage for insects and berries. I was photographing these birds along the Snake River as they hunted insects. This one landed on a perch and posed for me for just a few brief moments.


Canon EOS 1D MKIII, EF 300mmF2.8 IS L USM lens,Canon 1/4 Tele-Converter, Gitzo Monopod


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