It’s a Dogs Life…From 10,000+ft to Sea Level

It’s a Dogs Life…From 10,000+ft to Sea Level


Most of you that know me personally know that my traveling companions are these two wonderful Doberman Pinschers. Raikkonen is the male with long ears & Mika is the female with pointy ears. Yes, they are both named after race car drivers, I guess its my past motorsports influence and passion! They are my kids and are very special to me and they have traveled in the last three months from the 10,989 feet in the Beartooth Wilderness Area in Montana, where I was photographing grizzlies, to sea level and photographing coastal migrating birds in the barrier islands of the Outer Banks of North Carolina.  As you can see in the slideshow they just love to run and explore their constantly changing surroundings with all its new smells and attractions.

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It’s a great life for both of them, which was very close to not being a life at all! They were both scheduled to be excuted at dog pounds. Raikkonen was too old to have his ears cropped (6 months old); Mika had been abused so badly that her immune system had crashed and she had the mange. Both were unwanted and scheduled for death!


They are both very lucky and from a VERY special & wonderful rescue home for Dobermans in Greensboro, North Carolina called Doberman Rescue of the Triad.  Please visit their web site at I am forever grateful, blessed and honored to have been able to adopt both these wonderful dogs/friends. The life we all live is a bit different than most people with all the travel and location changes, but I know that as long as they are able to travel that their favorite words to hear always be

“Lets get in the truck….go for a ride!”

Thank-You Doberman Rescue of the Triads ….. keep up the GREAT work!!!



3 thoughts on “It’s a Dogs Life…From 10,000+ft to Sea Level

  1. Well done,ottima descrizione del tuo manage e della meravigliosa vita che questi due cani hanno avuto la fortuna di fare. Complimenti

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