My Favorite Images / Royal Tern Rookery

I visited this Royal Tern rookery on the small islands just off the coast of North Carolina. These island rookeries are protected by the North Carolina Wildlife Commission, access is very restricted for the nesting birds protection.  I was taken there by a NC Wildlife Commission official on a weekly check of the island. I have never photographed so many birds nesting on the ground and all in just one small area, the noise pretty much stops you talking to another person and the smell………well you can just imagine.

There several things that a visitor/photographer MUST adhere to when visiting such a large bird rookery……

WATCH YOUR STEP…..Those are eggs on the ground everywhere!


It will feel like its raining but its NOT water, trust me. Don’t look UP! These guys were not that bad….you should see Pelicans!

Try to keep your equipment covered like its raining water.

Take lots of clean towels for the boat ride home!

You might not want to eat fish that night at dinner.



Canon EOS MKII, EF 400mm F2.8 L USM lens, Canon 2x Teleconverter, Gitzo Tripod


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