NatureWurks 2011 Calendar / Photo of the Month / Grizzly Bear


This images is March photo of the month in NatureWurks’s 2011 calendar. I photographed this large male Grizzly Bear on Dunraven Pass in Yellowstone National Park. In fact it was the last day the high country roads in Yellowstone NP were accessible to motor vehicles due to a large winter snow storm the next day. I had been scouting and hiking the high country all day long looking for grizzly bears knowing that this was my last chance of the season before the storm. It was very late in the day with the light fading quickly due to the heavy overcast skies. He first appeared near the edge of the woods feeding on pine cones then I lost him again in the woods for a few minutes which will make your heart rate increase. When I found him again he had walked about 100 yards, I was able to photograph him for about 35 minutes before the light completely faded. The next day the 16 inches of snow came as forecasted and my grizzly bear photographic adventures in Yellowstone National Park’s high country came to a close….until next YEAR!


Canon EOS 1D MKIII, EF 400mm F2.8 L USM lens, 1/4x Canon teleconverter, Gitzo Monopod


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