My Favorite Images / Columbian Ground Squirrel / Bridger-Teton NF

I photographed this Columbian Ground Squirrel in the Bridger-Teton National Forest in western Wyoming. They live in large colonies with both males and females being very territorial. Males defend a small core area within their home range, trying to keep other males from access to females. Females defend areas where their nest burrows are located. Both sexes mark their territories with scent glands located at the edge of the mouth, side of the head, and back. Columbian ground squirrel hibernate for seven to eight months of the year (hibernation) and do not awake to eat stored food during their hibernation.

Canon EOS 1D MK2, EF 400mm F2.8 USM L lens, 1/4 x Canon Teleconverter, Gitzo Tripod


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