My Favorite Images / Grizzly Bear Sow & Cub

The Grizzly Bear is an animal to be treated with respect. Though grizzly bears will generally avoid humans, a female grizzly bear, or sow, can charge suddenly if her cubs are threatened and the animal has been known to outrun a horse for short distances.

I photographed this Grizzly Bear Sow & Cub near Cascade Lake only several miles from the Canyon Village in Yellowstone National Park in western Wyoming. Roaming the North American continent for the past million years, the grizzly bear has managed to outlive both the saber-toothed tiger and the mastodon. As major targets of human hunters, however, the tens of thousands of grizzlies that once inhabited the Great Plains and the Rockies and Sierras of the American West have been reduced to a fraction of their former numbers. Today, most grizzlies live in Alaska and Canada. Probably fewer than a thousand remain in the 48 contiguous states, and those bears are found almost exclusively in some 10 million acres of Idaho, Montana and Wyoming.

 Canon EOS 1D MKIII, Canon EF400mm F2.8 USM L lens, Canon 1/4 x Teleconverter, Gitzo Monopod


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