Electrifying Time Square, New York City

Electrifying Time Square New York City

I recently took a cross-country road trip to Staten Island, NY from the mountains of North Carolina for both pleasure and very deep sadness.

The sadness was the funeral of my Aunt Attilia, my mother’s older sister. The Acanfora family house in Staten Island was the first place my family & I called home when we arrived in the United States for the first time from Italy in 1961. My “Zia” Attilia, the VERY best Italian cook I knew, was a loving, classy and beautiful lady whom I always enjoyed spending time with and speaking Italian.

The pleasure was the road trip from my home in North Carolina with my mother and the time we spent together and visiting with all our relatives. One small opportunity of this trip was to photograph in Manhattan. I had planned on photographing Manhattan during the daylight, but sometimes plans don’t always work out and you have to change and adapt. We went several hours after the funeral that night, with a 70% chance of rain. On the short drive from Staten Island to Manhattan, the rain seem to increase. The heavy rain that night in Manhattan made the streets a magical reflection of colors. The images of Time Square were shot around 1:00 am. The crowds were still there but now the neon lights and wet streets make it an electrifying Time Square. The other images I really liked are of the Freedom Tower at Ground Zero, the Fairmont Hotel with all it’s lights reflecting colors off the rainy streets and the American Flag on one of the buildings in Manhattan.

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Now that I look back at my experience I do believe that the magical light I was able to capture with my cameras that night was tears from heaven from my Zia Attilia. Both happy & sorrow tears for leaving all of her family here but… now she is happily cooking HUGE Italian meals again for her beloved husband, my uncle John and her daughter, Claire.

Arrivederci Zia Attilia, Zio Giovanni, “Cuz” Claire, ti amo tutti!!!

Mi mancate tutti!!!


3 thoughts on “Electrifying Time Square, New York City

  1. Hey Pat,

    I am sorry for your loss and sadness. You did capture some beautiful images that night and they will for ever remind you of the beauty of your family.


    John Blausey

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