White-tailed Deer’s Eyes Up Close & Personal

White-Tailed Deer

I photographed this White-tailed Deer up close on purpose to capture the doe’s eyes using a large telephoto lens. I have been told that I like to photograph “in your face” or “eye to eye” photography and this would be one of those cases. The sunlight was almost gone, I like the reflection of the landscape and the setting sun in her eyes was just perfect and what I was trying to photograph. The deers in Cades Cove of the Great Smoky Mountains National Park are very calm and very use to people allowing you to be able to photograph from a very close distance. I followed this deer for over 30 minutes before I was able to capture her eyes and the reflection in them. I almost lose the light completely, but its one of those main rules to alway follow, ” NEVER STOP SHOOTING ” until all the lights is completely gone! Thank you again for your interest in my photography and as always all your comments are greatly appreciated.


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