Images from the Mammoth Hot Spring Terraces | Yellowstone National Park

The image above was photographed at sunrise during several different early mornings on Mammoth Hot Springs Terraces in Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming. I spent several hours each trip photographing different parts of the hot mineral springs. The early morning light adds to the dramatic landscapes and formations. The early morning starts also might help you beat the crowds walking on the boardwalks. I use my tripod as much as I can, the smaller crowds makes this easier on me and the other visitors. The boardwalks crisscross the entire flowing formation and allow for multiple access areas for viewing.The Mammoth Hot Spring Terraces have been a popular feature in Yellowstone since the early stagecoach routes up the Yellowstone River Valley.

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 The Mammoth Terraces are constantly changing shape and color. Springs which were active one to five years ago may be dry and lifeless now, yet activity may later resume. Along with changes of thermal activity come changes in color. Fresh travertine is bright white in color and as it weathers it changes to gray. Bright colored cyanobacteria and algae mats which were dependent upon a stable temperature and a flow of water also change as the microorganisms die creating a stark, bleak landscape.

Yes……that image in the slideshow is a Dragonfly, which found is finally rest spot in about 2 inches of hot mineral spring water.

Thank you for time & interest in my work and please visit the website for additional images.

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