Sunset on Dario Franchitti 3rd Indy 500 Championship & IMS Scoring Tower

As the sun sets on the Indianapolis Motor Speedway scoring tower after the running of the 96th Indianapolis 500 on May 27, 2012 with Dario Franchitti winning his third championship. The scoring tower reads from top to bottom, the completed laps, (200) Average miles per hours for the race (167mph), 1st place car (#50), 2nd place (#9) 3rd (#11)…..

I wanted to photograph a sunset at the track and scouted several different locations during the weeks leading up to the race. The Pagoda was one of my choices but, I settled on the scoring tower because it tells the story of the Indy 500 on May 27, 2012.

I enjoy photographing motorsports event from time to time and this was my 17th Indianapolis 500 as a pitlane photographer. It does recharge my batteries but, it also makes me miss more my wildlife & nature photographic adventures. I spend the entire month of May in Indianapolis, IN and photographed the race cars from the opening day of practice. Please click on the following link for a slideshow of images:   Reflection of IndyCar’s 2012 Indianapolis 500

I had a great time seeing and visiting with all my old friends still in the motorsports industry and share some laughs and remembering of past great times.

To my great friends Dario & Ashley Franchitti……It is alway GREAT to see & talk to YA’ll and Well Done Mate….3-TIME CHAMP!!!  

My Friend you are truly a Racing Legend!!!

Many thanks to all my many friends and media colleagues that helped me out after my vicious dog attack and injures!

Irresponsible pet owners should NOT be allowed to have large dog responsibilities!!

Enough Said!!

Now back to nature…..NatureWurks

Thank you for your interest in my work, it’s very much appreciated!

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