Fall Color Reflections in the Mountains of North Carolina

 Fall Color Reflections

I was driving the back roads of western North Carolina enjoying another beautiful fall day and came across this small puddle with its reflections of  colors and the blue skies. This little puddle was on the side of a dirt road in Curtis Creek area of the Pisgah National Forest far off the heavily traveled main roads. I try to stay away from the normally driven park roads this time of the year only because the traffic is very heavy from all the out-of-town visitors in the mountains of North Carolina and the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. If you ventures out on the many forest service dirt roads you can not only avoid the crowds but many times find that you can have scenes like this all to yourself. Get outdoors and enjoy a new adventure trying some of these backroads to see what you might find…..Happy Shooting!

Thank you for time & interest in my work and please visit the website www.naturewurks.com for additional images.

As always all your comments are welcomed and very much appreciated!


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