Automotive Art – Macro Photography | Part 2


This blog will again be a bit different from what my visitors are use to seeing from NatureWurks’s photography of macro images.

The image above is the Ferrari F430’s over-head cam covers on the 12 cylinder engine.

The image below is a small side grill on the Ford Cobra 427.


All these automotive art images I photographed with a 100mm macro lens and several studio softbox lights. I was given the unique opportunity to photograph several exotic cars worth over $3.5 million dollars.

The cars are a  Ferrari F430, Porsche GT2, an original Ford Cobra 427, and a 1938 Pierce.


The above image in the Ferrari F430’s wheel has the ” Ferrari Stallion” badge.

The image below is the driver’s side mirror with the F430 logo imprinted.


The vision was to do some very close detailed macro photography of specific small parts on the cars. This photography required several hours per car for set-up and to photograph them. This required a special relationship with someone who had access to these type of cars.

The image below is the business end of the Ferrari F430 and the 12 cylinder engine.


 I hope my readers will pardon my quick venture back into the automotive/motorsports industry that I worked in for so many years.

I still enjoy the challenges of working with automobiles and honing my photographic skills.


The image below is the instrument panel inside the Ferrari F430 with a 220mph reading.

You can see additional images from this shoot in an early blog titled ” Automotive Art – Macro Photography  |  Part 2″ or I included all the images below in a image gallery.


I wanted to give a very special Thank You to The Winning Collection staff and especially to the owner, Tom Coleman for  his trust in my photographic professionalism for this rare opportunity to photograph some of the world’s most expensive and exotic cars!!!!!

Thanks YOU Guys!!!!!

Thank you for time & interest in my work and please visit the website for additional images.

As always all your comments are welcomed and very much appreciated!


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