NatureWurks September 2013 Desktop Wallpaper Calendar / Wildlife / Landscapes / Nature

 This is our popular NatureWurks September’s 2013 Desktop Wallpaper Calendar free for downloading.

Click to Download NatureWurks 2013 Wallpaper Calendar

NatureWurks is happy to be able to offer September’s 2013 printed calendar as a free downloaded desktop wallpaper for your computer & mobile devices. Enjoy the beauty of NatureWurks‘s images with our new 2013 Desktop Wallpaper Calendar.  The best of NatureWurks that can be downloaded by you each month with different image and the current month. Highlighting on your computer the changing of the seasons with our breathtaking images of scenic and wildlife, these printed calendars have been collected by our friends for many years. Please click on the image below to download current month and your desired screen sizes. Thank you so much for your interest in my work and see YA next month!

Thank you for time & interest in my work and please visit the website for additional images.

As always all your comments are welcomed and very much appreciated!


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