Sunrise Mount Mitchell State Park


One of my favorite places in North Carolina to photograph sunrises is from the observation tower at Mount Mitchell State Park. It is the highest mountain east of the Mississippi River with an elevation of 6684ft. I have been coming to this mountain top for  many years and have photographed different scenes each and every time.  Both Mount Mitchell old tower image and the modern tower are located at the summit. The old stone tower(pictured in slideshow below) was demolished in 2008 and replaced with the more modern, accessible tower which was completed in 2009. At the foot of both towers is the grave site of Dr. Elisha Mitchell who was the first to climb it.

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Dr. Elisha Mitchell, a professor at the University of North Carolina, who first explored the Black Mountain range in 1835, and determined that the height of the range exceeded by several hundred feet that of Mount Washington in New Hampshire. Mitchell fell to his death at nearby Mitchell Falls in 1857, having returned to verify his earlier measurements. Great views and hiking trails awaits the visitor but be prepared for quick alpine weather changes.

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