My Favorite Images / Pilot & Index Peaks

Pilot Peak is a striking pinnacle in the immediate northeast of Yellowstone National Park, visible along US-212 highway which approaches the park from the direction of Bilings, Montana. It is part of volcanic Absaroka Range which forms the massive eastern escarpment of Yellowstone Plateau. US-212 highway is the highest road in the Yellowstone area, reaching 10,940 feet elevation at Beartooth Pass, about 20 miles east of Pilot Peak. This stretch of highway winds through a spectacular alpine country, and is designated the “Beartooth Scenic Byway”. Granite Peak, Montana’s highest, is not far to the northeast. The name Pilot Peak, and it’s obvious neighbor, Index Peak, refer to the alignment of the two summits. From the north, they line up to resemble the sight on a mariner’s sextant. They proved invaluable to pioneers of the Greater Yellowstone region since they, along with the nearby Tetons, mark the boundaries of the steaming plateau known as Colter’s Hell.


Canon EOS 1D MKIII, EF 300mmF2.8 IS L USM lens, Gitzo Tripod


4 thoughts on “My Favorite Images / Pilot & Index Peaks

  1. La narrazione e’ fantastica,sembra quasi di essere li con te mentre descrivi una foto.molto belle immaggini,complimenti, Nana’

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